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Top 5 Yonex Badminton Kit Bag Reviews for 2017

If you are a badminton player and you are on the court on a regular basis, you will already know that trying to squeeze your beloved badminton rackets into a standard gym along with your badminton shoes and other essentials to make up the badminton set isn’t an option. The whole point of using a gym bag is not only convenient but also protection of your items. When your racquet is partially exposed because it cannot fit into the bag, you leave it open to damage. In addition, it can be very awkward to carry your badminton equipment around when it does not fit properly into the bag.

The good news is that you can invest in a specialist badminton equipment bag, or kitbag, designed to fit both your racquets, kit, and accessories so you can carry everything you need with ease. There are various badminton bags you can choose from, with a range of manufacturers that create them. If you are looking for a combination of great value and good quality, one popular manufacturer to go for is Yonex. With this manufacturer, you can enjoy a choice of badminton kit bags designed to meet different needs and budgets.

5 Yonex Badminton Kit Bags that Offer Convenience and Quality

Yonex is a great choice if you want a badminton kit bag that is practical and of high quality. You will find a number of different Yonex badminton kit bag options available, so finding one to suit your needs and budget shouldn’t be a problem. Below are the details of five of the top Yonex badminton kit bag on the market, so all you need to do is take and look and see which is the best one for you:

Yonex Badminton Kit Bag

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The style of the bag is modern and slick while the price is very affordable. This is not the highest quality badminton bag on the market but it is practical, does the job, and comes at a very affordable price. If you are on a budget or you just want the basics, this could be the ideal choice for you. There is plenty of room for two racquets and you can enjoy the convenience and ease of having a specialist kit bag that fits your badminton gear perfectly. The bag comes with carry straps so you can easily carry it by hand or slung over your shoulder. The design is simple with black casing and gold detailing.

Yonex Badminton SUNR BT6 Kit Bag

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Stylish, modern, and available in a choice of colors, this Yonex badminton kit bag offers the ultimate in ease, practicality, and convenience. The bag is very spacious and can hold up to six badminton racquets. In addition, you can carry it in backpack style for superior comfort and total ease. The bag has separate shoe pockets, enabling you to keep your footwear away from the rest of your kit. The bag also offers thermal protection, so your racquets will be properly protected from heat while in the bag. This Yonex badminton kit bag offers modern design and high levels of practicality so you can look forward to great quality at a very reasonable price.

Yonex SUNR8529 TG BT9 Badminton Kit Bag

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This is an excellent choice for seasoned, regular badminton players and professionals. With this kit bag, you get a high-end product that offers a range of features and great design. You will benefit from quality, practicality, functionality, and style when you choose this badminton kit bag from Yonex. In addition, you can look forward to a very stylish product that is easy to carry around in backpack style. There are multiple compartments with this kit bag as well as a separate compartment for shoes. The double straps have thick padding for your comfort and the design of the bag ensures that your racquets are protected against heat. In addition, you can fit up to nine racquets in this kit bag.

Yonex PRM Badminton Kit Bag, Red

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This badminton kit bag from Yonex is basic, practical, and affordable, making it ideal for those starting out and those who are on a right budget. While it cannot be carried in backpack style, you can use the convenient straps for hand and shoulder carrying. The kit bag comes in a vibrant red color with gold and white detailing. You can comfortably fit three racquets into this bag along with your kit and accessories. The bag is foam lined for extra durability and protection, and the compartments in the bag can help you to keep wet or dirty clothes separate from your other items. The straps are also padded, which means that you can enjoy greater comfort when carrying the bag.

Yonex Badminton Bag PP08BTG Professional Kit Bag

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If you have a slightly higher budget and want a high-quality badminton kit bag, this Yonex one could be the perfect choice for you. The bag boasts a range of features and a very modern design. Created in vibrant colors that combine blue, yellow, and white with some black detailing, this is a bag that is great for regular and seasoned players as well as professionals. The bag is made of high-quality materials and is very strong and durable. You will benefit from a large compartment for your racquets along with smaller compartments for your other items. It can be carried via shoulder strap or as a backpack.

Choose the perfect badminton kit bag for your needs

With this wide range of badminton kit bags from Yonex, you should be able to find a suitable one with ease. You will find bags that are designed to a variety of different budgets and in a range of modern styles. When choosing your bag, you should make sure you work out your maximum budget. However, also take a look at the style and features of each of the bags, as this will enable you to make a more informed decision. In addition, check to see how many racquets the bag can comfortably carry so that you can be certain it is equipped for your needs.

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