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Wilson Badminton Racket: 5 Best Wilson Rackets to Consider in 2017

Many people do not realize that there is a serious competitive level surrounding badminton. Like other sports, there is also a large fan base. However, it tends not to receive the same popularity on mainstream media as other sports.

It is also a game that the average person can enjoy with family and friends. Badminton is an excellent game for young kids. There is not much of an investment required, either. A badminton set is reasonably priced and learning the game is quite easy.

Badminton is easier to learn than tennis. The birdies, or shuttlecocks, are designed to travel at slower speeds and the rackets are light and handled easily if the string tension is right. Playing the game is easy for kids to learn. All that is necessary is a birdie or two and a pair of badminton rackets. Wilson makes high-quality and affordable rackets, each designed to make sure they are not head heavy, have a good balance point, and possess a stiff shaft, making them ideal for badminton players of all ages and levels of ability. Here are five Wilson badminton racket to consider.

Wilson Ti Smash Badminton Racket

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The ‘Ti’ stands for titanium which is a light steel alloy. The Wilson TI Smash Badminton Racket is a choice racket for beginners and intermediate players.

It is not the cheapest racket on the market, but its quality construction makes it a decent racket. The one-piece shaft improves durability and control.

Its titanium construction uses a fused titanium T-joint between the shaft and frame that provides stability. The isometric quad head shape of this model, having a larger sweet spot, provides better contact.

The low weight of the racket is another plus. Characteristics that separate this racket from most generic models are the stiff flex of a 100-gram badminton racket.

The construction of durable titanium, stiff flex, and large sweet spot cause very few to complain about the rigidity, durability, and reliability of this racket. The strength extends beyond the frame to the string. Each racket is pre-strung. This racquet is ideal for recreational use, physical education class in high schools, and colleges, and community centers.

Wilson BLX Blade Racket

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The Wilson BLX Blade racket is a premium piece of badminton equipment designed for those who take the game seriously and want more than a generic model.

The new isometric shaped head offers better frame stability and improves maneuverability. A sweet spot caused by tension in the frame translates to better control and a crisp feel.

The racket is surprisingly light in weight. It weighs just 86 grams. Someone who is used to using cheap badminton rackets will find getting used to the stiff flexibility a little awkward at first.

The best features of this racket are its durable construction, it has a large sweet spot, and lightweight. The engineering technology involved in the creation of the BLX combines grip technology, grommet, proprietary frame, and basalt fibers.

The natural volcanic rock, basalt, is used in manufacturing by making it into ultra fine gold fibers. The fibers are woven with Wilson’s exclusive Karophite Black to make the industry’s most advanced composite. When basalt is added to matrix filters, it filters unwanted external noise.

Wilson Matchpoint Racket

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An intermediate player, looking to upgrade to a badminton racket that is more reliable than the one that comes in a kit, may choose the Wilson Matchpoint Racket.

The durability of the racket is enhanced with the use of aluminum framing having flared grommets inside. The racket has an oversized sweet spot and weighs approximately 105 grams.

Although the handle is subject to wear and tear, the racket remains usable after the protective layer has peeled away.

The best assets of the Matchpoint Racket are its oversized sweet spot, its lightweight, and has a reasonable price tag. This badminton racket is ideal for recreational use. The ultra-durable frame of the racket delivers maximum durability.

The racket comes pre-strung with durable Wilson string. When holding the Wilson Matchpoint Racket in your hands, the odds of winning are in your favor. It is a racket durable enough for the most challenging encounters.

The aluminum frame allows for maneuverability. The soft grip guarantees lasting comfort for the whole game. It is suitable for anyone eager to play.

Wilson Zone X50 Badminton Racket

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This racket is the choice of many intermediate players. The X50 Badminton Racket is built for strong follow through on impact. The head is a composite of steel and aluminum that gives an advantage to power players when returning serves with intensity and aggression.

During aggressive play, the shot velocity increases. The Top 9 Rated website lists the Wilson Zone X50 racket as a power racket. It is made for players who play aggressively.

The racket allows the player to strike back with persistence each time. The game is won in minutes. The lightweight racket weighs 90.5 grams.

With the light weight of the racket, the shuttle can be hit hard with more aggressiveness. An oval head has a wide area sweet spot that increases the chance of hitting the shuttle.

Top 9 Rated recommends this as an intermediate player’s best badminton racket choice. This racket offers great power and control with its high-tension design of the hoop frame. Advance players use the high-tension frame to maximize transferable power.

Wilson Blaze 350 Racket

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The Wilson 350 Badminton Racket is suited for competition players. The balanced design of the racket offers optimal accuracy and shot power.

Its lightweight frame is made of carbon fiber that makes follow through and control easy. The quad hoop shape provides added control and stability. A lightweight feel enhances the force behind a swing. Its control balance frame guarantees trajectory and shot accuracy.

Wilson is an American icon brand, built by people possessing a devotion to the game. The intention is to elevate athletes at every level of play. As they continue to develop, they relentlessly push the performance limits and design equipment for a new generation of players.

The best features of the Blaze 500 racket are controlled balance, micronized carbon fiber, and quad loop shape. Both quick-reaction combo players and power hitters want more control. This racket was meticulously engineered to deliver just that.

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