best badminton racket for beginners the top 5 reviews buyers guide 2018

Best Badminton Racket for Beginners: The Top 5 Reviews & Buyer’s Guide 2018

Beginning badminton players need rackets that have forgiveness built into them. Some require a powerful racket because they have not developed a technique that gives the proper power. However, just like your badminton shoes and your other badminton equipment, you have to have a badminton racket that fits you. You have to consider many aspects of a racket, such as the grip size, the shaft, the sweet spot, and the material such as graphite or composite. If you are looking to play badminton, this badminton racket review will make choosing the right racket for your needs easy.

The head of a badminton racket (or badminton racquet, if you prefer) comes in various sizes and shapes. They can be a teardrop, diamond or ovular shaped. Rackets that have wide bodies with more lateral room add power to a shoot.

They are potential weapons for those low on the spectrum of power. Like with squash and tennis rackets, balance and weight distribution are also significant factors for anyone that plays racket sports. The way the weight is distributed has an impact on the way a player plays.

As players improve, they change rackets. Beginners who need a little help should choose head heavy rackets. Most of the weight of the racket is loaded in the head. A heavy head racket makes playing from the backcourt easier. Below are five suggestions for beginners.

Wilson Blade BLX 101

wilson blade blx 101

The Wilson Blade series offers a blend of style, control, and performance for players who want to improve their badminton skills. The Wilson Blade BLX 101 generates superior baseline power and would be a great addition to your badminton equipment.

The latest Wilson Countervail material is integrated into the frame to maximize the transfer of energy. It aids in muscle fatigue and recovery time reduction.

It has excellent control and feel. Aggressive players like the fast swing speeds. The BLX features the natural volcanic rock, basalt. It is woven as fine gold into the racket along with Karophite Black that provides incredible vibration resistance.

The technology gives the racket cleaner feedback and smoother feel. Amplifeel handle technology uses basalt strips along the handle that provide an enhanced and cleaner feel when the racket connects with the target.

Wilson innovation helps athletes improve their game and stay ahead of the competition. Players looking for control choose this racket because of the combination of feel and versatility.

Yonex Nanoray 20

yonex nanoray 20

The Yonex Nanoray 20 is an exception to the heavy head rule for beginners. The head-light series provides a controlled and fast swing that is enhanced with the New Aero Frame.

This racket is designed for badminton players who force the competition into the backcourt with lightning speed.

The frame sides are thinner at the top than the rest of the head. The configuration minimizes air resistance. Its thicker bottom of the head generates maximum repulsion due to the stiffness of the frame.

An exclusive structural material made of Nanomesh and Carbon Nanotube is inserted into the frame and shaft. It makes for a significant increase in repulsion power, impact strength, and toughness.

The molecules of resin and carbon nanotube create a mesh-like construction that delivers faster handling, improved strength, and sharper drive shots in a head-light racket.

One of the people who gave the racket a five-star rating on Amazon commented that the racket was easy to use and enjoyed defensively keeping birdies in play and smashing birdies.

Trained Premium Badminton Racket Set

trained premium badminton racket set

This set includes five feathered shuttlecocks and two pre-strung rackets that are lightweight with tempered steel shafts.

The set has a transparent, economically-designed, zippered case. The lightweight design is ideal for experienced players who want a sturdy racket for practice and doubles as well as the beginner badminton player.

This set has everything needed in an affordable all-in-one package. The Trained Premium Quality Badminton Racket has strong grip for high-speed performance, maneuvering, and smooth control.

Its traditional rounded head improves aerodynamics. The racket is made of high-quality materials that provide longevity, strength, and durability. The shuttlecocks are LED-lit for nighttime play.

This set has a lifetime money-back guarantee. A reliable indication of a quality racket available from Amazon is the number of people who purchase it and render a review. The racket received a 4.6 average out of five rating by the 142 customers writing a review. Well over half of the reports were five-star. The LED-lit birdies are a hit with many of the customers.

Champion Sports Racket

champion sports racket

The pre-strung Champion Sports Badminton Racket has a frame and shaft made from all-tempered steel and is ideally suited for beginners.

The high-quality materials used in the construction of this racket ensure its longevity, strength, and durability. Fidgets Guide describes it as ‘virtually indestructible.’

This racket is the type mentioned in the introduction that people who lack power need. The double shafted racket has a sturdy oval frame that makes it heavy.

Its high-quality, heavy-duty nylon string tension and the balance of the racket provide extra control and flexibility. One Amazon customer, happy with the purchase, credits the racket for game improvement. It has outlasted any other racket purchased in the past.

Another customer reports the racket holds up well in the hands of some ‘enthusiastic’ boys in the household. The person writing the review said the grip is comfortable and the racket is durable due to the double steel feature. A grandfather reports he feels his money was well spent for a sturdy product used by grandkids who are rough on rackets.

Ultra-light Badminton Racket

ultra light badminton racket

At 80 grams, this is a super lightweight racket. The carbon fiber, matte scrub painted design is well-suited for beginners.

Its carbon fiber frame and shaft are strong and hard. They cannot easily be deformed, dented or bent.

For more comfortable control and play, the racket has a natural grip and soft, high-quality rubber ribbed handle. The nylon string tension is approximately 24 pounds. It allows players to achieve a faster return and greater shuttlecock bounce which makes it ideal for beginners to learn maneuverability.

The durable carbon fiber Ultra-light Badminton Racket stands up well through lots of roughly played games. Comments made by people who purchased this racket were that it is a good product for the money; it is a good racket for net and midcourt play.

The super lightweight racket is a pleasure to use and will improve your shot when you hit the badminton shuttlecock on the sweet spot. It nearly feels as though it is not there. A five-star rating said it was a terrific beginner racket.

If you are looking to play badminton, we hope you found this badminton racket review for beginners useful. Enjoy your game!


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