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Badminton String: 5 Best Strings for Badminton Rackets on the Market in 2017

Badminton is an exciting and recreational activity enjoyed by kids and adults alike. To play the game, you need only a shuttlecock and rackets. This review of badminton racket strings is intended to help make a badminton string selection that could lead to badminton becoming a favorite sport.

Anyone badminton player who has invested in a decent badminton set will probably think about the different aspects of the racket. The grip size and grip material, the balance point, the frame composition, the racket head speed, the size of the head, the shaft, the string gauge, the string tension and, of course, the string itself. Stringing a racket with quality string optimizes the repulsion power, durability, and feel of a racket. Those who take the game seriously want the best string available. The type of string and string tension affect performance.

Typically, high-tension gives more control but reduces power. The player needs more swinging power. A racket with string that has less tension will add power to a hit but reduces control. The badminton string recommended depends on the type of player.

Beginner and intermediate players are usually confused as the string to use. Having some technical knowledge of badminton string is advantageous. A good way to gain that knowledge is to play with different strings and tensions to see how those factors affect performance.

The quality and durability of the string changes, based on such things as the material, tension, and thickness. Experienced plays prefer string based on long or short repulsion time and soft or solid feel.

Badminton String for Beginners

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BG-65 string with 20 pounds of tension is recommended for beginners. It is a multifilament string that is 0.70 mm in thickness. The fiber is braided to increase the string’s abrasion durability.

Many of the world’s top badminton players chose BG-65 string for its all-round performance. BG-65 badminton string provides soft feel on impact.

The string is available in various colors such as black, lavender, and yellow. The 20-lb tension recommended for beginners provides the best resilience.

When strength and skill improve, a 24-lb tension will allow the shuttle to be cleared more accurately. Yonex is the most widely used badminton string.

88% of Amazon customers who purchased Yonex badminton string gave it a five-star rating. National teams use it for training purposes. The strings are extremely durable and retain tension until they are broken.

This high-quality badminton string comes in a 10-meter length that is perfect for most rackets. The construction of the string ensures every swing is precise.

Badminton String Used for Smashing

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Players who have an attacking style of play put badminton string to extra work. Yonex Nanogy is an option for this kind of workout. Higher tension provides no power unless the sweet spot of the racket is hit.

This badminton string has a medium sharp feel. The 0.66 mm string will provide defensive shots that are high and clear. Users feel the string was responsible for maximizing performance. They claim to be able to ‘feel’ their shots.

The Yonex Nanogy string is resilient despite constant smashes. Returns are thin, swift, and very accurate. The perfect balance and medium feel of the string are a good defense against opponents or when on the offensive.

The string is made of a Carbon nano Fiber that gives it powerful repulsion and high durability. It is suited for players looking for resilience to increase durability and speed. It has four times the elasticity of a carbon nanotube having a high-strength nanofiber coating. The elasticity of the badminton string minimizes string notching at the points of intersection.

Badminton String for Control and Power

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To combine control and power, the perfect tension of the new string is important. The BG80 has a strong multifilament core that is wrapped in a high-modulus Vectran fiber.

The badminton string has a diameter of 0.68 mm. The multifilament has a super-fine diameter which makes the string highly durable and makes the feel of impact soft.

The fiber that is wound around the filament spirals around the core. High-elasticity and the strength of the outer fiber prolong the durability and the string’s tension. It has a hard feel prior to impact and provides high repulsion.

The packaging of BG80 states that this badminton string is designed for power. It is another Yonex product. The manufacturer ensures consistent high-quality across the entire line of badminton string.

Players do not have to worry about feel, durability, or tension. BG80 has a five-star rating on Amazon. The string was praised for its fast delivery.

Badminton String Designed for Hitting Sound

yonex aerosonic bg as image

Yonex Aerosonic BG-AS produces a nice hitting sound. This badminton string is made of high-intensity nylon multifilament. Its thickness is 0.61 mm.

The feel of the string is rated as medium and it produces high repulsion. The BG-AS shreds the air with a powerful and exhilarating sound.

The aeroponic string is the world’s thinnest badminton string. It was designed for players who want not only a high repulsion but a hard-hitting sound.

Between the outer string and the core is a tightly packed resin that removes gaps between the string and core.

The result is badminton string with incredible strength. A high-intensity nylon core differs from ordinary nylon. It gives the string more durability. The high-polymer nylon used in the outer region of the string is responsible for the high repulsion and sharp feeling. This extra-fine string has exceptional all-around performance.

Another Brand of High-Quality Badminton String

Li-Ning has a line of badminton string that deserves a mention. They are available in a range of material and thickness. Those offered through Amazon are Li-Ning No 7 and Li-Ning High Rigidity Elastic string.

The string is available in yellow, blue, and white. The Li-Ning No 7 is 0.70 mm in thickness. It is made of high polymer nylon multifilament. The nylon is high intensity and heat-resistant. Customers who rated the Li-Ning No 7 as a five-star product commented on the sound and power of the string. The 0.70 gauge diameter makes this a good string for beginners.

The Li-Ning High Rigidity Elastic string is also 0.70 mm in thickness. It is rated above average in:

  • Repulsion power
  • Durability
  • Hitting sound
  • Tension
  • Control

The badminton string has excellent durability. The outer monofilament and coating have been designed with a special nylon coating process which gives it the flexibility that enhances offensive performance. What’s more, it is easy to string.

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